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Accelerometric Real-time Monitoring Network for sites and buildings in Italy and Austria

Seismic Risk

Interreg Italia-Austria


ARMONIA is a new Interreg Italy-Austria project aiming to tighten collaboration between the civil protection institutions for the risk prevention. Through the use of innovative methodologies, it creates a trans-frontier strategy in the management of natural disasters.Partners develop an innovative seismic monitoring system extended also to the specific buildings (called ‘sentinella’ buildings) that will provide critical information, which are crucial for a rapid and focused interventions at the occurrence of earthquake in the cross-border area kick off 5-6 March 2018


Alpine Disaster Relief For Italy and Slovenia

Interreg Italia - Slovenia



The main goal of the project is to improve the sharing of digital information among the various actors involved in emergency interventions on cross border areas between Italy and Slovenia, with particular reference to mountain rescue and forest fires. In particular, new technologies will be developed to improve communications and data exchange between rescuers, mobile units and operating rooms.
In particular, in the context of emergency management, three levels have been identified:

1) The field of operations;

2) The advanced coordination base;

3) Operative rooms.

Exercise EXE  26 September 2018

Meeting 12-14 giugno 2018


Resilience Enhancement of ADriatic basIN from firE and SeisSmic hazards

Interreg Italia - Croazia






Increase the safety of the Programme area from natural and man-made
disasterSintesi e Obiettivi
Il Progetto ha come obiettivo principale quello di capitalizzare i risultati del Progetto HOLISTIC, finanziato dal Programma IPA ADRIATIC CBC, con il fine di aumentare la sicurezza del bacino dell’Adriatico riguardo i rischi naturali provocati dall’uomo. Attività Principali

Diverse la attività che mirano ad accrescere la prevenzione attraverso il miglioramento della resilienza, ovvero la capacità complessiva degli ecosistemi e delle comunità di resistere, assorbire, adattarsi e riprendersi dagli effetti degli incedi, terremoti e altri rischi in modo tempestivo ed efficiente

19-20 June 2018
Project Meeting & Second Steering Committee
Dubrovnik (Croazia)


7-8 February 2018
Kick-Off Meeting

IPA Adriatic Joint management of natural resources through the prevention of forest fires and seismic risk on strategic buildings. Common guidelines for forest fire risk management, shared webgis of wildfire risk. news
Seismic and wildlife risk




European Space Agency Development and integration of the newest TLC systems for emergency management. Satellite/LTE 4G real time localization. news
Improve Disaster Capacity Response




INTERREG Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013 Development of drinking water cross border managment. Common webgis for share water drinking data. news
Gis for emergency protection of drinking water




Civil Protection Financial Instrument There is an existing Protocol for cooperation for Search and Rescue (SAR) in the Alps along the common border between Slovenia and Venice (IT) for Mountain Rescue since 2006 and this project will enhance cross border cooperation, as it aims to improve tracking, localisation torescue teams via a tool set. An international cooperative exercise with Italy and Slovenian SAR teams will test the web based tool and procedures. news
Alpine Search and Rescue for Slovenia and Italy

Hitec Luxemburg (LU), Civil protection of the Region FVG (IT), Civil Protection of Republic of Slovenia



Interreg Ita-Aut 2007-20013 This Project is being realized. a computerized system for the management of civil protection plans for municipalities and for the region, in order to provide organizations interested in the planning, prevention, rescue and recovery from emergencies, in conjunction with the resident population, procedures and information necessary to the resolution of the event and the restoration of normality. news
RiMaComm Risk Management and Communications on Local and Regional level
Civil Protection of Land Tirol (AU), Autonomous province of Bolzano (IT) Civil Protection-Consortium of Municipalities-Forest Department Civil Protection of the Region FVG (IT)  
Interreg Ita-Aut 2007-2013 The  core of this project was the creation of a shared multilanguages emergency platform for exchange data during crossboader emergency interventions.Two  big crossborder exercises were made. news
Civil Protection of Carinthia (AU), Civil protection of the Region FVG (IT), Municipalty of Malborghetto-Valbruna (IT), Feistritz an der Gail (AU)  
Alpine-Space The project aims to improve forest fire prevention under a changing climate in the Alpine Space, by creating a shared warning system based on weather conditions.The fire regime at any given locationis the result of complex interactions
between fuels, social issues, topography,ignitions and weather conditions.
The partners are 15 public institutions in a region of the Alps: meteorological services, firefighting teams, universities, regional and national authorities responsible for fire prevention, forest services  
Interreg Ita-Aut 2007-2013 The Project study of historical earthquakes in the Cross border area Ita Aut Slo. Wih this results determining seismic risk scenarios to evaluate the impact for civil protection porpouses. Realization of strong motion cross border net. news
Tirol Land (lead partner), ARPAV Veneto, Autonomous province of Bolzano –Geology and material test office, ARSO- Enviromental Agency of Slovenia e ETH Politechnic