Mission and operability

The mission of the Regional Civil Protection System is described in detail in article 1 of Regional Law 64/1986 on the "organisation of the civil protection system and regional civil protection measures":

"The Regional administration takes upon itself the important task... to ensure the central coordination of all organisational measures and all actions, including data-collection, regulatory and administrative aspects ... in order to protect, within the safety framework of regional social security systems, the integrity of human life and/or property and the environment from any situation or event that is liable to cause serious damage or constitute a serious hazard to them and that needs to be addressed with extraordinary measures due to the type and magnitude of the hazard, and in order to deliver rescue services promptly."



The mission of the Civil Protection is pursued through 3 actions or operational tiers, identified in article 1 of Regional Law 64/1986:

"The above-mentioned function shall give priority to prevention measures that are directly and indirectly linked. Such measures shall be classified as:

  • first-tier actions if they tend to reduce to an acceptable level the likelihood of occurrence of such situations or events;
  • second-tier actions if they are designed to be implemented when such situations or events occur, in order to mitigate their impact and consequences;
  • third-tier actions if they are designed for post-disaster interventions in order to restore a situation to normalcy.

The Regional Administration harmonises and coordinates its territorial and sectoral plans with prevention and civil protection requirements in addition to promoting through suitable initiatives the building of knowledge in the population for the development of a new and modern civil protection awareness."

These actions are implemented through a complex regional organisation (Directory of the regional organisation) for civil protection that liaises with the different components of the regional integrated civil protection system whose operability is developed in the following sectors: